save the date for our 8th annual event:


(yES - our event has A NEW NAME!)

sunday march 22, 2020

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. | monona terrace

Since 2013, we’ve brought you the Natural Family Expo annually at Monona Terrace. Every March we welcome families, small businesses, and performance groups for a great day of fun, learning, and community building. We’re back in 2020 for our 8th year, and we have some BIG EXCITING changes to share with you. We hope you’ll be excited too!

We have changed the name of the event to Madison Family Fest.

First we’ll tell you all the things that are staying the same and then we’ll tell you what else is changing.

What’s staying the same:
1. Still at the Monona Terrace
2. Still in March…March 22 to be exact
3. There will still be a main stage packed with entertainment
4. Family-oriented, healthful, local businesses will be showcased

What’s new:
We are adding numerous large activity areas. We will have more information soon!

March 2019 event promo…