Frequently Asked Questions

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Location: Monona Terrace

Monona Terrace is conveniently located in downtown Madison with easy access from Hwy 12-18.

Click here for driving directions.


City of Madison street parking is FREE on Sundays. 

Alternatively, Monona Terrace features a 600-space, cashier-operated parking structure, which is accessible via East Wilson Street and the eastbound lanes of John Nolen Drive. 

Additionally, there are three public ramps within close walking distance (in red on map below).

Passenger drop-off is accessible from the Wilson Street entrance to Monona Terrace.

Accessible Parking

Disabled parking stalls are available at no cost for Monona Terrace event parking on the upper drive-through/drop-off level near the parking meter areas on both sides of Monona Terrace. Disabled parking stalls are available for a charge on the lower parking level in front of the Level Three entrance. Curb cuts are located in close proximity to accessible parking and make travel to the building convenient.


Thanks to our generous sponsors, there are no tickets this year.  
The 4th Annual Natural Family Expo is a FREE COMMUNITY EVENT.

Other Costs

There are no fees to attend the Expo or to participate in any Expo-sponsored events - such as the bouncy houses, performance main stage, and special exhibits.  However, you may want to have cash with you for food, awesome products or activities at our exhibitor booths, face-painting (donations appreciated!), etc

Monona Terrace | 1 John Nolen Drive | Madison, Wisconsin


Monona Terrace parking map. Click image to make larger.


Food | Snacks | Concessions

Did you know there is NO soda or hot dogs at our event?! Each year we work with Monona Terrace to offer healthy food options from Concessions. Check out this year's menu options below! You can also bring your own snacks/lunch in and eat in our "picnic area." 

Hot Food Menu

Cold Express Line

Snacks & Extras


Baby & Toddler Needs

We know that going places with a baby or toddler requires special considerations!

Nursing Area

Breastfeeding welcome!

Breastfeeding is welcome anywhere at the Natural Family Expo.

In addition, we provide a quiet area for mothers to feed infants & toddlers - away from the distractions of the Expo hall floor.


When they aren't busy with the Babywearing Fashion Show, folks from Babywearing International of Madison will be available to demo baby carriers and offer tips and tricks.

Changing Area

There are changing tables in both sets of bathrooms in the Expo Hall.  

Because we've found that's not quite enough changing tables for our attendees, we provide a separate changing area - where you'll find mats for changing and sanitizing spray to clean up afterward.