Are YOU the next owner/s of the Natural Family Expo?

The Natural Family Expo is officially up for sale!

You might ask...Why would we sell an event that has grown every single year, serves our community, brings businesses to Madison area families, and is just a great resource?

It comes down to time.

As the "fourth baby" for each of us as owners, we've been a bit tormented: "Should we keep growing it? Should we pass it on?" And in the end, we are both so busy.  We've realized it's best for us to take the baton and hand it to the next individual or organization.

Kimberly Zahasky and Alison Dodge, owners of Natural Parenting Network, LLC, produce the Natural Family Expo.

Kimberly Zahasky and Alison Dodge, owners of Natural Parenting Network, LLC, produce the Natural Family Expo.

A little bit more about us…

ALISON DODGE. Alison Dodge co-founded and ran Happy Bambino for 12 years.  She currently works full time at WWBIC as a small business consultant. WWBIC helps small businesses in the area with education and financing, and it's just an amazing resource to the community.  Alison has three kids. AND she's building this amazing new business called Allied Bookkeeping and Small Business Coaching.  

KIMBERLY ZAHASKY. Kimberly is a RN and has co-owned Blue River Chiropractic with her husband "Dr. Ben" for the last 9 years. They are super passionate about serving their community via their family business. Kimberly also has three kids. Now she is starting a new endeavor as well called The Professional Optimist. The Professional Optimist is launching Potential Fulfilled Seminars in 2019.

So now you know whey we're looking to pass the baton. And here's what in it for the buyer/s.

  • Natural Family Expo has been a profitable venture since the first season and continues to grow.
  • NFE is a turnkey business (and a well-oiled machine). The 7th Annual Natural Family Expo is scheduled for March 17, 2019 at Monona Terrace; and is already at about 10% full for exhibitor registration.
  • Owning NFE is a wonderful opportunity to own a business, make a side income, and put in minimal hours throughout the year (with increased hours closer to the event).
  • There is a TON of opportunity to expand the brand and grow the business in other ways. We can share some of our ideas with you!
  • Kimberly and Alison are committed to a great 7th season of the Expo. If desired, the purchase of the Expo will come with assistance and consultation from Kimberly and Alison through the March 2019 event.
  • In addition to knowing the Expo inside and out, Kimberly and Alison are both seasoned business owners/business consultants and could provide tons of valuable insight for an emerging entrepreneur or team.
  • Last, but not least, it's a wonderful feeling to bring a community together through arts, experience, and connection to resources!

So whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur/event professional or just thinking about getting started, we'd love to hear from you. Interested parties should email inquiries to We look forward to talking with you!

And if you're not interested in buying the Expo, but you enjoy coming every year - Don't Worry! We are moving forward and committed to the 7th Annual Natural Family Expo regardless of the timeline of the sale.  So  *Save the Date* for March 17, 2019, and we hope to see you there. Thank you to all for your continued support!

Learn more in the video below!