About the Expo

The Natural Family Expo is a production of Natural Parenting Network. NPN was founded in 2012 by three Madison-area entrepreneurs.
These mama-owned small-business leaders created the Expo to support their combined passion for parenting, wellness, and community.

The Expo gives families in South Central Wisconsin a venue to learn, have fun and explore local resources.
The Natural Family Expo is the perfect place to spend the day during the height of March "cabin-fever!"


Contact Us


The easiest/best way to reach us is to send a message via Facebook.


Potential Exhibitors: Please fill in the Exhibitor Application Form, and someone will get back to you ASAP!  
Current Exhibitors: Please contact your current contact via phone or email.  
By Phone: Our Google Voice number is  (608) 205-8816.
By Email: send an email to naturalparentingnetwork@gmail.com